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What We Do

Do you need to increase your transaction success rate?

By preparing our clients well for the transaction process and providing post-deal advisory services we’ve found that the value-unlock is higher, transaction success rate increased, and sustainable long-term returns are realized.

Our Industry Experience
Realising our vision through:
Growth & Development

Unlocking value for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business comes with a lot of human emotion and stress. We help business owners and entrepreneurs realize value by assisting them with transactions, developing growth strategies, conducting market research and formulating penetration strategies.

Our strategic process walks your through the phases of research and benchmarking, developing actionable plans, planning for continuous improvement, measurement and evaluation, and identifying future opportunities for optimisation.

Evaluation and strategic planning, preparation, going to market, agreement, and finalisation of the project.

For sell-side mergers, acquisitions, and capital raise from strategy formulation to finalising the transaction process.

We assist global investors to enter the South African market with due diligence, research, and strategic advice/assistance.

Preparation for corporate ownership changes and post-project support for ongoing optimisation.

Making sound financial decisions during periods of organisational change or transformation.

Our Value Proposition

Unlocking Value for business

Our Expertise

Insights for management decisions.

Management teams of large enterprises need in-depth insights and reliable data for decision-making. We provide consulting and in-depth research and analytics that considers the broad landscape and your specific case.

Deal Support and Execution

Corporate trade deals and ownership changes.

Market Penetration Strategies

Expanding and investment or business growth ventures.

Organisational Design

Structure designs for businesses of any size

Investment Support

We support local and global investors in the South African market.

Investments come with complexity and pressure. We help you pursue your passion for investment with bespoke market-related services to help you make financially beneficial investment choices.

Market Trends

Identify and research local market demands and trends

Expert Advisor

Local expertise and insights

Effective execution

Setting up investments for success from the start

How We Work
Our pro-active and solutionist approach to business advisory helps businesses grow and reach their full potential by providing innovative, bespoke, and exceptional services.
Our Service Options

Tailored services for your needs.

Project Based

A project scoped and tailored to your exact needs.

Retainer Based

Ongoing service and support through your journey.

Frequently asked questions

At Bullworth Consulting, we believe that unlocking value and growth comes from preparedness, pro-active solutions, and prioritizing sustainability to help your business thrive.

Yes, we can assist small businesses with growth strategies and maintaining structures that allow them to scale.

Yes, we can assist with providing  detailed local understanding of the South African market that enables sound investment choices for South African and global investors.

Yes, business valuations and financial modelling are our strengths.

Yes, we believe in a collaborative approach with our clients’ stakeholders and partners.

Yes, our team has expertise in assisting businesses with due diligence in the buyer and seller processes.

We can assist with mergers and acquisitions, and business valuations as well as assistance throughout the buying process.

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